Dressing For Success (ful Concealed Carry)

Pretty isn’t always practical, but it can be.  Choosing to carry a firearm for personal defense doesn’t mean you have to give up on fashion.  This might be a pretty funny topic for my gun guy friends, but for women, it’s a real sticking point.  And ladies, I’m not a size 2 trying to tell a fluffy lady it’s possible.  I’m a size 12 (at least for now) and telling EVERYONE it’s possible to conceal and have a trendy look.

Good.  Now that I have your attention, let’s list some of the more important factors that go into carrying a concealed firearm, such as holster selection, deployment, mindset, awareness, ammo selection, and knowing your state laws regarding concealed carry.  This is also assuming you have already chosen the firearm you wish to use on a daily basis.  If not, that’s the first step.  Each topic is a stand-alone article, and I’ll be tackling all of them.

So stick around and visit the blog frequently for updates on my take on the concealed carry for women issues.  Oh, and check out the photos below for examples of trendy concealed carry successes.


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