Taking A Look At The Tuff Products I-Tuck Holster

Taking A Look At The Tuff Products I-Tuck Holster
By Julie A. Loeffler
March 19, 2015

While visiting the Tuff Products booth at Shot Show this year (2015), I had the pleasure of meeting their VP of Marketing, Nanci Stevens. Nanci is not only extremely knowledgeable about the entire Tuff Products line, but she also seems to know almost everyone in the shooting industry. It didn’t matter to her that I was new to the show and just beginning to learn about all of the gun industry products. She was more than happy to answer any questions I had and show me everything that Tuff Products had to offer, including their IWB (in the waistband) holster, the I-Tuck.
Like other companies in the industry, Tuff Products provides products for military, law enforcement, the shooting sports industry, and people like you and me (personal defense civies). I like their innovative quality and ability to think outside the box. Women especially have to be ‘creative’ at times and it seems as though Tuff Products is a company that listens to their customers and develops toward their concealed carry needs.
Once such innovation is the I-Tuck phone case and inside the waistband holster. There’s no question about the durability, quality of material or stitching. And for a gun holster / phone carrier combo (accommodating multiple firearms and phones), the design is pretty clever.
The compartment for the firearm goes inside your pants as any IWB would, and the phone carrier pouch rests on the outside of the pants directly in front of where the firearm is. The reasoning behind this ‘stacking’ of the pouches is to aid in concealment of the firearm. When a person looks at me, all they see is the phone case on my hip and not the bulge of the firearm. I placed the holster in the appendix carry position, where a person would typically carry a phone case on their waistline. Even if you don’t normally carry your phone that way, it doesn’t look out of place to the passer-by. It’s held in place not only by the IWB position, but also by the “clip of death” on the back of the phone pouch. The clip attaches to your belt (yes, you have to wear a belt). There’s a large flap that velcros over both compartments of the holster (with separate Velcro attachments for each pouch), which secures both firearm and phone. The phone pouch even has enough room for credit cards, id cards, etc, possibly limiting the need for a handbag in certain circumstances. And lastly, there is an adjustable bottom panel on the holster pouch, allowing for a snug fit on shorter barrels and additional length on the longer ones. The holster will accommodate both left and right side carry.

I carried my Kahr CW9 and Beretta Nano with zero problems of deployment or concealability in either case.
The I-Tuck is also very comfortable. For me, however, it’s very situational and not able to be worn every day. It wouldn’t look natural for me to carry this way in my 9-5 business attire since I don’t always wear a belt, or pants for that matter. HOWEVER, the I-Tuck is a perfect weekend holster for me. Weekend errands, freeing up two hands without the need for a handbag, casual attire: It fits right in! No-one ever notices or gives a second glance. What sold it for me though was the fact that the phone case hides the bulge of the firearm that women are so concerned about when they conceal carry. It really just disappeared due to the phone case being right over top of where the firearm pouch sits on the inside of the pants. And no, it didn’t hinder me deploying the firearm.
Now for guys, this might be a great way to carry every day. I think it’s more of the norm to see men with phones / cases on their mid-section strapped onto a belt with their jeans, casual pants, or even dress pants. My husband carries his phone in this manner and gave the holster a thumbs up. He said it concealed his firearm well and no-one was the wiser.

The price point is great ($42 on Tuff Product’s website), and comes in five different colors if you’d rather have something other than black or tan. And if you have any questions about the I-Tuck, I’m sure Nanci or her staff at Tuff Products are more than willing to help. Again, with women not only does the product have to be solid, but you better back it up with kick-ass customer service. I can assure you they accomplish both with high marks.
*Note* Tuff Products has two special offers for The Trigger Press Readers: 1) Free shipping on any Tuff Products items (promo code MOIMBFS), 2) 20% off orders of $75 or more (promo code MOIMB20). Promos cannot be combined with one another or any other offer.

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