Curing Chronic “PD” – Projectile Dysfunction

By Andy Loeffler

I’ve CURED my chronic “PD”… and you can too!

Hello, my name is Andy, and I’m here to talk to you about “PD” – that stands for “Projectile Dysfunction” –and how it affects many of us in the defensive shooting community.
What is “Projectile Dysfunction”? It’s a debilitating and confusing condition that can happen when we both:
A.) Decide to carry or keep a handgun for personal defense …and…
B.) Choose ammunition to load into that gun.
Of course, we should all be familiar with the wisdom of using “the right tool for the job” and it is no different for our defensive handgun. And today, the right tool for home or personal defense is the modern, bonded or jacketed hollow-point bullet. Your full metal jacket/ ball-type ammo is for practice and training. When the gun is loaded for its intended purpose, it needs to be loaded with hollow-points.

HP (hollow-point) bullets are far more likely to be brought to a halt inside the bad guy. This has a dual benefit- bad guy gets to experience and enjoy all of the energy that the bullet carries with it, and there is much less chance that the bullet will pass straight through the bad guy and become a hazard to things we may not have wanted to shoot in the first place.

So now we’re faced with a huge variety of premium self-defense ammunition product. Where to begin? Simple.
First, pick a name that you know. Some of the big and established ammunition manufacturers have become that way for a reason: Quality products. Remington and Winchester, for example are icons. Firms like Federal and Hornady have stellar reputations in the shooting community, if they’re not quite yet household names. So, simply steer clear of stuff that was imported from Absurdistan or wherever. Also, if the only place you can find info on the ammunition (or its maker) is on their own website/YouTube channel…pass.

While many experienced shooters may have their own bias and brand preferences, and maybe even reasons for them, all mainstream, modern ammunition is actually quite good. In truth, we should be selecting modern, efficient guns for our defense. We should be doing the same with our defensive ammo. If that’s the case, then arguing about the (possible) microscopic difference between premium hollow-point ammo from Winchester and Federal is about as productive as arguing the difference between 87 octane gas from BP versus Shell. And moreover, believing that our Glock or M&P cares about that possible, microscopic difference, any more than our Toyota or Honda would.

The bottom line is that PD “Projectile Dysfunction” is a self-inflicted condition. Get a modern bonded or jacketed hollow-point from a name you’ve heard before. Get some training and practice. And get on with the more important things!

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