Mid-Ohio IMB Gear We Like – The “UpLula” Magazine Loader

Uplula2By Andy Loeffler

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of helping people learn how to handle a defensive handgun safely and skillfully. After literally hundreds of classes and thousands of students…I’ve noticed something:
If you don’t load semi-automatic pistol magazines often-almost daily- they can be a real pain in the hindquarters. People of all levels of experience, strength, ability, and endurance will struggle, sweat, and swear as they battle to force a couple of cartridges into a pistol magazine. I have even had people tell me that they strongly prefer a semi-automatic pistol for personal protection…BUT they’re going to get a revolver instead, because they can’t load the magazine!
Rejoice, O true believers, for help has arrived!
The Up-Lula Magazine Loader, available from Butler Creek products, is the answer to anyone who has difficulty stuffin’ bullets into the clip*
*PRO TIP- Those who find magazines difficult and uncomfortable to load, are unlikely to give a crap whether it’s called a “clip” or a “magazine”.

The Up-Lula takes the basic idea of putting a “sleeve” over the magazine- allowing the entire hand to exert leverage against the magazine spring tension- and upgrades it substantially. The end result is an easy-to-use product that fits a wide variety of magazines (their top selling model loads virtually any 9mm, .40S&W, or .45 ACP mag on the market).
There is a large-caliber single stack-adapter available, for those who might insist on such things. And they’re even available in (ugh) pink…but don’t hold that against them. The Up Lula is a great product that will actually turn “I can’t.” into “I can!” – and that is the kind of confidence anyone needs to take control of their own personal defense!

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