Tailoring A Holster: You Can Do That?


Raise your hand if you have the bottomless bucket-o-holsters that fits your guns but doesn’t fit you.  Keep your hand up if you’ve heard from others that some discomfort is natural and you’ll just have to get used to it.  BULL!

There are way too many holster manufacturers out there to push through the pinch or discomfort.  And what I found out this week is proof that there are companies out there willing to work with women on making the holster work for them.

Yes, there are holsters that can be adjusted up or down with an Allen wrench, and that’s a great option.  But some of those holsters for me are pretty big for appendix carry.  And if you were given a short waist like I was, you sometimes struggle with adjusting the holster to stay inside the waistband and not poke the top of your leg at the same time. So what do you do?

First, I want to clarify that I’m talking about Kydex holsters or hybrid holsters in this blog and not leather ones.  Also, I have a belly band (actually I have three, all from different manufacturers), and I’m very happy with them, but sometimes I want the fit of a kydex holster on a belt (My gawd!  I can’t believe I just typed that.).

Did you know there were great companies out there that are more than happy to modify a holster to fit your body BEFORE they ship it to you?  Me neither, until I bought one from Keepers Concealment.  Spencer Keepers is the owner and designer of The Errand holster (among others).  It’s already unique in style due to the strategically placed foam padding that attaches between your body and the holster, and is meant for IWB (inside the waistband) conceal carry.

The Errand came highly recommended to me, so I bought one.  I carried with it the next day after it was delivered.  And yes, it felt good and held the gun close to my body with hardly any protrusions.  BUT, the bottom of the holster kept pushing into the top of my leg creating a sore red mark at the bottom of my hip / top of my leg, and there weren’t any adjustable levels for the belt clip.  I’ve got two things working against me: 1) I have a short waist, and 2) sometimes I wear mid-rise jeans.  I just assumed it was something I would have to work around if I was going to use this holster and chose not to wear jeans that made me look like Pat from SNL (That’s what happens when I wear regular waist length jeans).

Until yesterday.  Spencer messaged me asking how I liked the holster.  I hesitated in telling him the truth about the hang up I had.  This was his creation. He’s got to think it’s close to perfection.  But then I wondered how many other women might have this same problem.  So, I told him.  To my surprise, he stated that he’s dealt with this issue before, and can shorten a holster for me.  What?  Customize a holster just for my body?  Alright.  He went on to say that women with short waists or who wear lower-rise jeans typically need a shorter holster, and his is made in such a way that taking off an inch of length in no way compromises the fit of the holster to the gun.  So, of course, I ordered one immediately with the one-inch modification for my short waist.  It’s being made as you read this blog, and there will be a follow up article as soon as it’s delivered.

But here’s my point:  If you have a special need in a holster, ASK!  I had no idea this was ever an option, nor did I know that other women have already experienced this problem.  And that’s why I’m telling you.  Don’t settle. Manufacturers don’t know what we need until we tell them.  Your suggestion may just spark the newest innovation in holsters for women, but only if you speak up.

Especially when you are dealing with a smaller holster manufacturer, ask if the holster can be modified to fit your body.  Keepers Concealment makes each holster as they are ordered.  At times, there may be a couple sitting on the shelf ready to be shipped.  But  they aren’t mass produced, and there isn’t a “call center”.  It’s Spencer, giving you personal attention and making sure you are pleased with your new purchase.  Would I ask this of a larger manufacturer who mass produces holsters? No. Am I going to pay a slightly higher price for the option of dealing with a company that can give me what I need the first time around and not add to my bucket-o-holsters that don’t really fit the way I want?  Probably.  But as with anything custom tailored, you wear it until it’s worn out and time to get another one.  As for the other Errand holster, that one goes to the husband (with the regular / long waist).



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