Open Letter To The Cretin Who Doesn’t Believe In Teaching Women Self-Defense

By Julie A. Loeffler

This is a comment in a post I was tagged in today.  I have penned an open letter in response to his comment.  Perhaps this may be a teachable moment for all cretins still roaming the Earth.

Open Letter to Cretan

I know you.  I’ve never met you but I know you.  You are the person who is so self-absorbed that you never notice anyone around you; the person who believes women are beneath you; the person who believes women aren’t able to learn; the person who laughs as others’ misfortunes; the person who doesn’t understand how to help, or teach, or encourage; the person who points out everyone else’s flaws and never sees his own.

I know you are not alone in your thoughts, and that there are way too many of you ‘out there’ still.  But the tide is turning, and it has been for quite some time.  As a matter of fact, you are behind the times in your thoughts and actions.  May I suggest that you look around at the REAL MEN surrounding you every day, and take note of how they understand who ‘we’ really are.  Knowing that you will see the task aforementioned as beneath you, let me spell it out for you:

‘We’ are strong, intelligent, information-seeking, women who know our worth and understand the value of a true adversary (man or woman).  We are not afraid to ask for help when learning a new skill; we are loyal to those who help us and want us to succeed; we are thankful for our friends who motivate and encourage us to push through our frustrations making us better at whatever we choose to conquer; and we are relentless and unforgiving to those who hold us down or demean our accomplishments regardless of the scope.

You are a very small man.  I feel sorry for you, and wish you all the best in life.  I hope that someday you see the error of your ways.  Until then, bless your heart.

On the inside. . .

If you think for one minute that a strong, intelligent, able-bodied female doesn’t see right through your thinly veiled attempt at putting down women, think again.  Your pathetic post on Facebook today is nothing more than a show of bravado, machismo, male-anatomy-measuring, whatever you’d like to call it.  I for one will not stand for it without calling you out and explaining to you in no uncertain terms what an idiot you have portrayed yourself to be.  Then again, that may be your true self.

Regardless of what your small brain comprehends, women are stronger, more intelligent, bolder and in some cases wiser than cretins of your caliber.  I suggest you stick to teaching little boys your tricks, because any woman who would even set foot in a learning environment with you would roll their eyes and walk out after you uttered your first words.

As a matter of fact, stop teaching altogether.  You certainly aren’t teaching good morals, values or self-defense training.  And if your thoughts about women (learning self-defense or otherwise) were to seep into the brains of yet another generation, you would only be setting those poor boys up for failure, because the girls of today ( who will be the women of tomorrow) would wipe the floors with their faces.

Don’t bother responding.  I don’t intend on entertaining any sort of discussion with you.  But then again, why would you respond?  I’m just a woman.

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