Summer Safety Around The House


Summer is officially in full swing, and everyone’s enjoying their vacations, pool days, theme parks, day trips and cookouts.  It’s easy to relax your safety standards without even realizing it, but that can potentially come at a great price.  So I’ve put together a few reminders on how you can keep you and your family safe:

  1. Windows open; doors locked.  Even if you have your windows open for the fresh summer air, make sure to lock your doors to prevent any mischievous onlookers who might perceive you as an easy target.
  2. Close your garage door.  Rolling the grill out if stored in the garage for a tasty steak is one of summer’s great pleasures.  But  after the grilling is complete and the grill is cool, button up the garage. Keeping your cars, tools, bikes, golf clubs or other valuables secure is important, but also keeping the bad guys out of your home via the garage house door is vital.
  3. When leaving for your vacation, make sure to have preventative measures in place so that your house doesn’t look vacant.  Have someone pick up your newspapers and mail, water your plants, turn lights on or off inside / outside the home (or put a few switches on timers), or have someone you trust stay at your home while you are away.

Believe it or not, ‘bad buys’ are checking out or neighborhoods for an easy score.  Taking a few simple actions to secure the things most precious to us (family, pets, personal property, etc)  will go a long way to prevent any unwanted “guests”.

Stay Safe,
Julie Loeffler

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