FourSevens Mini MKII Flashlight Review


I was given the opportunity to review the FourSevens Mini MKII, and over the past month it has been the flashlight I’ve used the most.  Point of clarification:  Typically when I’m working with flashlights, I’m looking at them from a personal defense capacity, not just lumen output or as a firearm attachment – I’m talking about actually using the light as a distraction or disorientation and the device itself as a striking implement.  But with the Mini MKII, I couldn’t do that.  The lumen output can still be used as a distraction or disorientation device, but the size just doesn’t work as a striking implement. The good news is that it wasn’t designed for that type of personal defense.  However, on a much more basic level, this little powerhouse of a light could be just what someone needs to remain safe.


Levels Of Output – While there are several levels of output (maximum 1020 lumens if using FourSevens custom lithium rechargeable battery or 550 lumens when using a standard CR123A battery), I tend to keep the lumens at the highest level for my purposes.  You might find that a mid to mid-high level may be an optimal choice if looking for a longer duration of output.  And if I’m ever in a situation where less output would do, a simple twist of the flashlight head gives me that option as well.  Overall, there are six different settings you could configure, but I found that two or three were good enough to perform the tasks I needed.


Keychain Or Clip – The flashlight comes with both a metal clip and a metal attachment fitted for a keychain.  I tried them both, and for my needs, I found the keychain was more fitting to my lifestyle for two reasons: 1) I’m frequently getting in and out of my car during the dark hours of the day, whether extremely early or extremely late.  Having the flashlight attached to my keys makes it very convenient to have the light I need to see what is in the path between me and my car.  I can also have my key ready while holding the light in the same hand. For concealed carriers, I hold my light and key fob in my non-dominant hand, leaving my dominant hand available to grab my gun if necessary.  2)  Let’s face it; if you carry a purse, things can get lost at the bottom (affectionately called the black hole).  If my flashlight is attached to my keys, there’s less likelihood of it getting lost in my purse.  I’m not the type of person who will clip the light to my clothing or a hat, and I rarely wear pants with pockets. So the key chain attachment is great for me.  And if the Mini MKII is attached to something I use multiple times during the day, then I’ll always have a flashlight at the ready.


Scanning for Safety – One of the best features of this extremely compact light is the amount of light it throws and the span it has.  Almost every evening while walking out of the studio I turn on the light and am scanning my rather dark parking lot before walking to my car.  My building is pretty secluded, sitting at the far end of a business office complex.  Having the ability to see from the door to well over 75 feet out and at least 30 feet across at the far end is rather comforting to me, and makes my walk to the car a safer one.


Reliability – FourSevens flashlights has earned a reputation of being among the top lights in the industry when it comes to reliability.  Also notable is their ability to offer such a quality product while keeping the sticker shock at bay. They are more than affordable for almost any budget.  And their customer service isn’t lacking either.  Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to find your answers on their FAQ section of their website, or care to hear someone on the other end of the phone, FourSevens will answer any questions you may have.


The Mini MKII is a handy light with incredible output.  The features listed above make it a no-brainer purchase for yourself, a friend or a loved one. And while it may not have been developed as a personal defense flashlight, I will continue to use it in a safety capacity when I need to “il – LUMEN – ate” a dark path.


Stay Safe –


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