Failing Vs Being A Failure – Be Like Edison



Fail.  It’s a word that today’s society doesn’t like to mutter, let alone hear in conversation.  Unless someone is talking about an ‘epic fail’ that they just had to tweet about or capture in a photo for Instagram, most people don’t really want to talk about failing.  If you ask me, there needs to be more of it – in a non-epic kind of way.  As a matter of fact, some of the smallest failures end up becoming your greatest discoveries.


But isn’t that being negative? Don’t we want to surround ourselves with positive thoughts, words and deeds?


What’s the matter?  Am I cramping your style?  If so, you’re probably not much of a go-getter, trend-setter or entrepreneur of any form.  Why?  Because failure is a large part of success.  And any business person will tell you the exact same thing.  Why do you think the phrase, “(it’s a matter of) trial and error” was created?  It sure would sound pretty dumb to say, “(it’s a matter of) do”, now wouldn’t it?


Failing is how we learn.  Having the courage to get back up and try another option / path / way is the difficult part – at first.  But speaking from experience, after you fail a few (dozen) times, the ‘trying again’ becomes easy.


And every time we fail we learn, if you allow it to happen.  Any good failure comes with a message.  Admittedly some lessons are more painful than others, but in reality those are the ones you learn from most.  Answering the question of why you failed is how you will learn.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you that failing (and learning) means you are a failure.  Being a failure at something only means you have given up at whatever task you have attempted; you have given up on caring about the outcome and are in turn short-changing yourself and possibly others.  There is a very distinct difference.


Is it realistic to think that we will have a successful ending to every goal?  Of course not. Even if your final outcome is determining that you are not going in the right direction, or you need to focus on something else, you are not a failure because you have learned something.  But you didn’t give up for the sake of giving up.  And that’s the difference.


So while everyone is taking this last week of the year to perhaps reflect on what they have accomplished in 2016 and what they’d like to strive for in the new year, remember to include your failures and learn from them so that you may have more opportunity for growth in your future.


Stay Safe –


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