Welcome To The Trigger Press

This blog is a place for you to explore, become educated and familiar with all things personal defense.  We cover topics ranging from firearms training and gear, to unarmed defense and basic terminology of frequently used lingo in the industry.

If you don’t know, you don’t know.  And that’s okay.  Think of this as your own personal defense launching pad.  Curious about how to wear a piece of gear?  We’ve got you covered.  Wonder what a word or a phrase means but are embarrassed to ask?  We’ve been there before and won’t let you down.  From must-read books, to videos, to gear reviews, The Trigger Press is your go-to destination for both fundamentals and more advanced personal defense learning.  And if we haven’t covered your question or interested topic yet, send me an email at julie@midohioimb.com.  I’ll make sure it gets in the next blog!

The best way to overcome apprehension or fear is through education.  The Trigger Press will get you there.  And our training arm, Mid-Ohio IMB (www.midohioimb.com), will provide you with top notch training opportunities for all skill levels.

Thanks for stopping by!  Look around, read, and share.



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