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Here at Mid-Ohio IMB we focus on all aspects of personal defense which includes the tools and accessories that can help you make your safety part of your everyday routine. Because concealed carry is so important to the defensive plan of so many folks, we’re always on the lookout for useful and innovative concealed carry products.

Sometimes that search leads us to a piece of gear that may not bring anything particularly new to the party, but it catches our eye and gets a good look anyway- just like our feature today: kydex polymer concealed carry holsters by Sidearm Solutions LLC.

These are well-made rigs that incorporate the features we’ve come to expect from a quality polymer holster: The material is a single folded Kydex sheet, thick enough to remain rigid but thin enough to avoid unneeded bulk. It is precisely molded around the specific model of gun for which it will be used, and it provides a snug, rattle-free fit. A steel screw that is turned to compress a robust rubber washer allows the user to fine-tune how stubbornly the holster holds the gun. The holster exterior is a fine pebbled texture and the interior is smooth and bright. The edges are polished smooth and there are no burrs or sharp corners anywhere on the holster. Finally, the holster stays put inside the waistline via a sturdy polymer belt clip. This is the likely failure point for many otherwise good holsters- a flimsy clip won’t engage the bottom edge of the belt or trouser seam and OOPS!- out comes the holster when the gun is drawn! No worries here, as the Sidearm Solutions holster uses a wide and perfectly stout clip. The clip can be placed in either the forward cant or zero cant (level) position depending on where you like to place your gun on your waistline.

For those looking for a well-built, reasonably priced inside-the-waistband holster Sidearm Solutions LLC is hard to beat. Oh, and here’s the best part: Jed Harvey owns and operates Sidearm Solutions LLC as a small operation right here in Delaware, Ohio!

Mid-Ohio IMB says check it out at

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